QCXP Certification (Per Person)

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QCXP Pin.jpg

QCXP Certification (Per Person)


The Qualified Customer Xperience Professional (QCXP) Certification andthe "Xperience Factor" Workshop

Front-line service providers attend a 4-hour workshop where they will:

  • Determine the benefits of providing memorable experiences.

  • Explore the concept of your company's brand.

  • Differentiate between providing service and Creating Xperiences (CX).

  • Explore the behaviors that support the shift to Customer Xperiences (CXs).

  • Complete the Customer Xperience Self-Assessment.

  • Practice Customer Xperience skills.

  • Review available resources and how to use them.

  • Experience the game show review.

  • Establish a 30-day goal for which participants are held accountable.

  • Once the participant has reported to X Factor Institute what he/she has done to achieve the established goal, their QCXP (Qualified Customer Xperience Professional) designation is earned and lapel pin issued.

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